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Zhengzhou City Rail Transit School

Zhengzhou City Rail Transit School (Zhengzhou Urban Rail Transit Secondary Specialized School) is located in Zhengzhou, Henan province. The school is approved by the Zhengzhou Education Bureau and is committed to cultivating professional skilled talents in rail transit industry. In the 2018/2019 academic year, the total number of students amounted approximately to 27,000. Zhengzhou City Rail Transit School is the largest private secondary vocational school in China in terms of student enrollment.

The school’s education objective is to "operate a school which could satisfy the people's need and cultivate the skilled talents that the country needs. " (“办人民满意的职业院校,育国家需要的技能人才”) The school offers ten junior college diploma programmes, in which, urban rail transit operation management, urban rail transit vehicle application and overhaul, urban rail transit power supply, and urban rail traffic signal, are the four key programmes.

As a school specialized in training talents of rail transit, Zhengzhou City Rail Transit School emphasizes students’ practical skill development and employment. The school has made substantial amount of investment on various on-campus stimulated training labs to meet the needs of professional on-the-job teaching. By incorporating the industry talent standards into daily teaching and making sure students acquire the necessary theory and skills that are closely related to their future work, the school is committed to ensure its students are readily employable after graduation, seamlessly connect and bridge the students with their future employers.