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Songtian College

Founded in 2000, Songtian College (Guangzhou Songtian Polytechnic College (广州松田职业学院)) is registered as a full-time higher vocational college with the Ministry of Education of the PRC and is established with the approval from People’s Government of Guangdong province. The College locates in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. Songtian College has seven faculties/academic departments and offers 22 junior college diploma programmes. In 2018/2019 academic year, Songtian College has approximately 4,000 full-time students.

The initial employment rate of Songtian College in 2017 was approximately 98.4% while China’s overall initial employment rate for higher education graduates in the same year, according to Frost & Sullivan Report, was approximately 78.4%. According to a report commissioned by Guangdong Department of Education in 2012, Songtian College achieved the highest satisfaction on current employment from graduates among vocational colleges in the province.