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Xi'an Railway College

Xi'an Railway College (Xi’an Railway Technician College (西安铁道技师学院)) is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi province. The school motto is "virtue, strengthen ability, knowledge, practice" (“厚德、強能、尚學、篤行”) and the school focuses on cultivating applied talents of national high-speed railway. There are three departments under the school: high-speed railway service, railway technology, and intelligent application. The school offers nine vocational education programmes such as railway passenger service, urban rail transit operation and management, electrified rail power supply, railway engineering technology, and cruise service.

Xi'an Railway College believes that "double certificates" are essential for students to success in their future employment. The college consistently encourages and periodically organizes students to participate in the national adult college entrance examination to obtain diploma certificates. At the same time, the school instructs students to take relevant vocational qualification certificates in stages to increase students’ competitiveness in job market when they graduate.

In the 2018/19 academic year, the college has enrolled approximately 28,000 students. In terms of student enrollment, Xi'an railway college is the largest private technician college in China and is also one of the largest railway professional colleges in China.